Title Status Inquiry

Our commitment to superior customer service is our number one priority…

Whether you are buying or selling, we believe that the key to a successful transaction is communication.  Our professional and friendly title staff emphasizes that you stay informed on the title process and that we are always available to answer any questions that you may have.

From repossessed titles or acquiring duplicate titles to the most difficult title issues, our experienced and courteous staff will work to ensure title completion with care and accuracy.  We request weekly outstanding title statuses from our sellers to deliver the most up to date information.  Our consistent effort and efficiency saves you time and will allow you to sell your vehicle faster.

We process all received title paperwork within 24-48 hours and will contact you to resolve any issues that may arise.  We are committed to you and your customers.

For Title Status or questions please complete and submit the following form:

Title Status Inquiry

Inquiries will be answered as quickly as possible.  Please keep in mind that title inquiries for vehicles purchased 20 or more days will take priority over those purchased less than 20 days.

For additional information, please feel free to contact:

Cynthia Rosario
Lead Title Clerk
954.739.9996 Ext. 3016